Noviembre 2014

Participation in the Play Time! International Children's Theater Festival with the play ‘’Mi Platero’’/''My Platero'', written by Antonio Orlando Rodríguez and Eddy Díaz Souza, and performances by Maribel Barrios and Leandro Peraza. This play was co-produced by Artefactus Cultural Project, Cuatro gatos Foundation and Spanish Cultural Center of Miami.

September - October 2014

The project ''El hogaren la escena''/''The Home on the Scene'' was executed, which included three (3) workshops: ''Los niñosen el teatro''/"The Children in the Theater", 'Libros , actores y educadores’’/ "Books, Actors and Educators", and ’'Los niñosdibujan la obra’’/"Children Draw the Play"; and the staging of the play ‘’El príncipe y el mar’’/’’The Prince and the Sea’’, supported by Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.


October - November 2013

Participation in the XV International Theater Festival of Havana with the play ''El caso de la luna''/''The Case of the Moon''.

October 2013

The children’s theater play ‘’El Gato-Pato’’/’’Cat-Duck’’ was presented at Koubek Center, in partnership with Cuatro gatos Foundation, as part of the Reading Festival celebration.

July - August 2013

The children's theater play ‘’El caso de la luna''/''The Case of the Moon'' was presented at ''Teatro 8'', supported by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.

May 2013

The performance ''Palabras al filo''/’’Words on the Edge’’ was presented at Avellaneda Theater, five actresses, ten monologues and a lectern, with the participation of acting prominent figures and support of FundaciónCuatrogatos, on the Cuban Theater Day in Exile.

January 2013

The performance ''Meñique''/’’Pinkie’’ was presented at Spanish Cultural Center of Miami, to celebrate the 160th anniversary of José Martí birth. Directed by Eddy Díaz Souza and performanced by Frank Prieto, with the support of Cuatrogatos Foundation and Spanish Cultural Center of Miami.


June 2011

The play based on the dramatic poem ''Obba'', by the cuban writer Excilia Saldana, was presented at Avellaneda Theater, and performanced by Oneysis Valido. This lyrical text recreates the Patakin of Yoruba origin, directed by Eddy Díaz Souza.


September 2010

The play ‘’El Solar de la palangana de oro’’/’’ The Backyard of the Golden Basin’’, original comedy by Raúl de Cárdenas was presented at Havana fama Studio, and directed by Eddy Díaz Souza.

June 2010

The play reading ‘’El príncipe y el mar’’/The Prince and the Sea’’, written and directed by Eddy Díaz Souza, was presented at Havanafama Studio, in the cycle of play readings of cuban authors in exile, with collaboration of the ''Rene Ariza Cultural Institute''.

May 2010

The play reading ‘’Amar así’’/’’Love Like This’’, by José Abreu Felippe, was presented at Havanafama Studio, in honor of the 30th anniversary of 'Mariel Exodus''.

March 2010

The unipersonal play ‘’Pase adelante si quiere’’/’’Come in, if You Want’’, by Pedro Monge Rafuls, was presented at the IX Monologue Latin American Festival and performanced by actress Belkis Proenza.


June 2009

Artefactus and Ollantay Center for the Arts (New York) produced the play ‘’Soldados somos y a la guerra vamos’’/’’We Are Soldiers, and Go to the War’’. It was presented at the First Festival of Cuban Theater in One Act.

March 2009

The play reading ‘’Una rosa para Catalina Lasa’’/’’A Rose for Catalina Lasa’’, by Rosa Ileana Boudet, was presented at Teatroen Miami Studio.

January 2009

The play reading ‘’Las vidas del gato’’/’’The Cat's Lives’’, by the Cuban-American playwriter Pedro Monge Rafuls was presented at Teatro en Miami Studio.


March 2008

Tribute to playwright Julio Matas, professor emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh, that included a play reading of his play ‘’La crónica y el suceso’’/’’The Chronicle and the Event’’, supported by the actress Laura Zarrabeitia and ‘’Teatro en Miami Studio’’. The program ''Autores''/''Authors'' begined with tis tribute.