Artefactus Cultural Project

Soledad – The shoemaker’s girlfriend

Soledad - La novia del zapatero

A work based on unreal events, which occurred to real people. With performances by Oda Cardona, Dairin Valdés and Yesler de la Cruz. Directed by Leopoldo Morales. Written by Nitsy Grau. The collection time approaches and Remberto, a solitary shoemaker, sees the characters who at some point left their shoes or their memories in his […]

Always Tomorrow (Naive Simulation)

A former university professor and a retired actor are trapped in an apartment, following a quarantine. In this forced confinement, they explore intimate and fabled stories, facing loneliness and uncertainties. The only contact with the outside world is established through the windows, which allow glimpses of other people’s tragedies, while surreal situations are added that […]