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Artefactus Cultural Project


ARTEFACTUS Cultural Project, based in Miami, Florida, is a nonprofit organization committed to the creation and promotion of the arts and literature, with special attention to theater and Hispanic culture. Among its objectives are the development of community projects, the promotion of cultural exchange and the implementation of educational and artistic programs that reflect the multicultural diversity of Miami.


ARTEFACTUS Cultural Project aims to become a recognized benchmark at a local, national, and international level, standing out for its commitment to artistic excellence, diversity, and community empowerment. We seek to lead the management and production of artistic and cultural content in the city of Miami and in the United States of America, promoting inclusion and intercultural dialogue through our activities and programs.

Objetivos Artefactus


  1. Consolidate a center of artistic creation and cultural services in the community of Kendall, Miami, Florida, which encourages community participation in various artistic and cultural expressions.
  2. Preserve the popular knowledge and artistic and literary manifestations of the Latin communities in Miami.
  3. Offer multidisciplinary programs for the comprehensive training of individuals and families, aimed at audiences and new creators.
  4. Promote and support work created by and for the LGBTQIA+ community.
  5. Conduct research and activities that promote the understanding and preservation of arts and literature, collaborating with experts and related organizations to enrich cultural knowledge.
  6. Offer training workshops and artistic appreciation programs for the intellectual, creative, and analytical development of audiences and professionals.
  7. Produce shows and exhibitions for artistic, literary, and educational purposes, as well as entertainment and transfer of values for the community.
  8. Facilitate exchanges at the regional and international level through collaborations with professionals, institutions, and artistic groups, promoting diversity and intercultural dialogue.

Board of Directors

Nelson Jiménez


Eddy Díaz Souza

Executive Director

Carlos Arteaga

Operations Director

Antonio O. Rodríguez


José Manuel Domínguez


Rocío Vásquez


Oneysis Valido

Oneysis Valido


Advisory Board

Leandro Peraza

Actor and Mime

Laura Zarrabeitia

Actress and Specialist in Puppet Theater

Michael Gil

Composer and Music Specialist

Dainerys Machado

Dainerys Machado

Writer. Editor. Specialist in Performing Arts.

Ernesto Fundora

Editor and Performing Arts Specialist

Oda Cardona

Oda Cardona

Music Specialist

Sergio Andricaín

Sociologist and Specialist in Children’s Literature

Pedro Monge Rafuls

Researcher and Playwright