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Celebrando a José María Heredia

We extend a cordial invitation to join us at the Artefactus Cultural Center to commemorate the 201st anniversary of the birth of José María Heredia with a keynote lecture by Rafael Carralero. On this occasion, Carralero will guide us through a fascinating analysis of the first exponent of romanticism in the Spanish language.

With his poem “En el teocalli de Cholula”, Heredia marked the beginning of romanticism in our language, preceding Espronceda and the Duke of Rivas, who made known his initial works that gave impetus to the movement in the Iberian Peninsula. During the conference, Carralero will explore Heredia’s personality in the context of the independence process, as well as his influence and trajectory throughout his time in the United States, Venezuela and Mexico, among other topics of interest.

Rafael Carralero, distinguished for his studies in Hispanic Language and Literature, and with a Postgraduate Degree in Philosophy, is recognized as an outstanding academic. He has taught classes at various universities in Cuba, Mexico and other countries, including the Universidad Iberoamericana. Additionally, he has offered short courses in Germany, Poland and Prague, and has participated in international events around the world.

The event will be presented by Max Barbosa.

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Celebrating José María Heredia – Rafael Carralero

Dates :
March 29, 2024

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Performance Date

Fri 29 March , 2024
8:30 pm

Free Admission

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