Artefactus Cultural Project

Queer Showcase, a program organized by Artefactus Cultural Project, will offer a special season dedicated to LGBTQI art and literature.

Miami Factory Theater presents the play “Desire”, a version by Erom Jimmy of “Desire Under the Elms” by American playwright Eugene O’Neill.

Queer Showcase celebrates diversity and promotes artistic expression, inviting the public to reflect, recognize and enjoy the creativity of our artists and writers.



Dates :
From June 7 to 15, 2024

Price :

Performance Date

Fri 7 June , 2024
8:30 pm
Sat 8 June , 2024
8:30 pm
Fri 14 June , 2024
8:30 pm
Sat 15 June , 2024
8:30 pm

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