Artefactus Cultural Project

Artefactus Cultural Project presents the fifth edition of the Solo Theater Fest, a theatrical event that highlights the uniqueness of the solo actor’s work. This festival has become an essential event in the cultural panorama of the city of Miami, attracting both local and international artists.

The fifth edition of the Solo Theater Fest culminates with the presentation of “Elektra”, an emblematic production by the Galiano 108 group, based in New York. In this staging, the performance of actress Vivian Acosta stands out, under the direction of José González.



Dates :
From May 24 to 26, 2024

Price :
$ 25.00

Performance Date

Fri 24 May , 2024
8:30 am
Sat 25 May , 2024
8:30 pm
Sun 26 May , 2024
5:00 pm

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